153: 3 Life Lessons From Getting Rescued From The Lake

It was just another Saturday swim at the lake with my sister and friend. 

Only it wasn’t just another Saturday. 

And that was my first mistake. 

About 30 minutes later I was getting pulled out of the lake by the lifeguard. 

I learned 3 very valuable life lessons that day. 

3 lessons that I try and live by every day to bring more mental, emotional and spiritual presence to my days. 

Alpha Female

I used to pride myself on the Alpha Female traits… but are they what they are cracked up to be? 

Is a “healthy” place to find ourselves … or are we all leading ourselves to  a place where we’ll need to be rescued?

There are NO medals given for being a f*cking Island, and yet, for some many of us we do it all alone. 

We leave much needed conversations hanging. 

We exhaust ourselves in pursuit of being self sufficient and the answer to everything.

We show others it’s NOT ok to ask for help. 

What are we teaching our children?

One thing that drives me more than ever is this thought,

“What am I showing my children to be true?”

My girls, at 21 and 22, are young adults and I already see the impact of the conditioning I created before “I knew better”. 

I don’t beat myself up over it, I didn’t know different AND, at the same time, I know that I can still create a more posititve influence on them and help THEM to be role models for the future. 

So please, grab your notepad and lean in hard to this episode. 

You never know, it could save your life xxxx

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